A brief profile


The South Coast Country Music Association, was formed by Betty and Kevin Reiman in 1971 at Dapto before moving to Dunmore in 1978 and then to Mt Kembla in 1982, the aims of the SCCMA are to promote Country Music through package shows and social events.

From its formation, the SCCMA is family orientated and supports both Junior and Adult artists and musicians which has resulted in high accolades and awards. Many of these artists and musicians have gone on to become professionals.

Social Events, Acoustic Nights, Country Music Showcases and Luncheons, Have-a-Go Nights, and the South Coast Country Music Talent Quest and Festival are some of the activities coordinated by the Association to foster good will and friendships within the Association, throughout the Local District, and with other Country Music Clubs.
To promote Country Music and Foster Young Talent.

The SCCMA has also supported many charities over the years. Two of the highlights for the Association have been the production of our 30th and 35th Anniversary Double Album CDs in 2001 and 2006 which was a tribute to all past and present members of the SCCMA. If you would like to know more about our CDs or purchase your own copies, click the Purchase Button .

We thank Rolf Harris for this wonderful water mark of his painting which he donated to the SCCMA in 1979 as well as all of our past and present Sponsors for their kind support of the Association